Thursday, April 10, 2008

A cleaning date

This last week ,while I was home, the wife and I had our date night.
We decided to not go to the movies or out to dinner, but stay at home
and clean a little. This ended up being a really great date night.
As a young parent I am learning that the simple things like mopping
the floor can be a difficult task with a scampering 16 month old
around. We have time to keep things straightened up, but cant really
"deep clean" as much. Playing with Elijah is far more important then
dusting or cleaning a window anyway!
We don't know what it was about just cleaning, but it put us both in a
great mood. Oddly enough we each worked in different areas of the
house so we actually didn't see to much of eachother. We did get to go
out for a quick bite with some friends and that was great too.
If you are tired of the movies and bored with going to dinner, try
staying home and cleaning. You might find it to be a lot of fun.



Brandy said...

I am still on a cleaning date "high" :)

Lordfoh said...

Is this a metaphor, or did you actually clean? Normally we "go to Walmart" and "get some errands out of the way"